Health experts

Welcome to our workshops. We made each module to be fun, useful and effective. Join a workshop no matter where your confidence is, as parents tell us there's always something new to learn.

Shared learning

As we don't know it all, we really love hearing parents share what they know with each other. More importantly, we see parents supporting each other too.

What will it cost?

One of the best bits is our workshops are free! Talk to us about our support with childminding or transport too.


Besides enjoying yummy healthy food and making new friends complete the modules below to graduate!

Learn more about why it’s so important to make healthy habits for baby as well as how to talk with family so they want to adopt a healthier lifestyle

Discover what to consider when choosing foods and making meal plans; the benefits of breastfeeding and where to get support; baby’s first foods healthy and healthy amounts of sugar, salts and fats for the family


Find out how to keep food safe for the family and develop cooking skills for yummy healthy meals 

Know whats in our food through understanding the nutrition information panel, health star ratings and ingredient lists

Learn how to plan meals, shopping tips, changing ingredients, saving time and money and where to get support

Gain more knowledge about the benefits of exercising and choosing activities fit for you; how to stay safe while exercising and which community services are free to use

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