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Welcome to our webinars and workshops we made each module factual, useful and effective. Join us to improve your confidence in having a healthy pregnancy, raising a healthy child.

Shared learning

As we don't know it all, we really love hearing parents share what they know. More importantly, we see parents making friends supporting each other too.

What will it cost?

One of the best bits is our modules are free! Talk to us about our support with childminding or transport too.


Besides enjoying yummy healthy food and making new friends complete our 6 modules below to graduate!

Gain knowledge and learn skills on how to have a healthy pregnancy, raise a healthy baby or raise a healthy baby! Find out why so many parents have been making small changes and adopting a healthier lifestyle

Learn a skill on how to keep active during pregnancy and how parents support their babies and toddlers to move more. Discover how to stay safe while exercising and which community services are free to use with Sport Auckland and Harbour Sport.

Discover how easy it is to plan a week of healthy meals for you and your family. Learn the benefits of breastfeeding and where to get support; baby’s first foods healthy and healthy amounts of sugar, salts and fats for the family


Learn a skill how to choose the healthier food product by reading the nutrition information panel, health star ratings and ingredient lists. 

Learn the skills needed for buying healthy food. If you think healthy food is expensive we explore the latest shopping tips that makes food affordable and saves you time. Need help? We may be able to find you the help that puts food on tables.

Learn preparation skills and how to keep food safe. In our workshops we develop cooking skills for healthy versions of traditional and popular meals.

Don't just take our word for it