Our Story

In the beginning...

Our story is about a free public health programme in Auckland and Waitemata. The Healthy Babies Healthy Futures programme or more simply put, HBHF. 

Back in 2014, a large group of organisations talked about reducing the alarming childhood obesity rates together. As a result, we developed this health promotion programme in response to our community’s aspirations. Further to this, we focused where the need was the highest across the wider Auckland region. Communities, such as Maori, Pasifika, South Asia and Asian.

Free Public Health Programme

The lessons we learned, then shared...

Early on, it became apparent parent’s thrived with the right help to make healthy choices. With support from the Ministry of Health, we evaluated what worked for families and what didn’t. It soon became clear that workshops and TextMATCH -education, motivation and sound advice – combined with fun experiences and friendly skilled staff worked best. 

We co-designed the workshops and TextMATCH to be fun, friendly and useful for families. Just to be sure, we gathered experts to make sure our health content was accurate and up to date. This advisory group includes – Public Health specialists, Midwives, Lead Maternity Carers, Nutritionists and cultural ambassadors. Nowadays, we work together for healthier families in small agile teams.


Making workshops fun, friendly and useful...

Also, we made it a priority to hire exceptional lifestyle coaches from backgrounds similar to the families we serve. Today, we pride ourselves with staff that “reach and teach” families from the multicultural and diverse region that Auckland has become.

Furthermore, staff are trained in healthy conversation skills, motivational interviewing and healthy start knowledge because we value parents being supported to talk about their health goals and aspirations. 

About 2015, Healthy Babies Healthy Futures launched with great expectations. Activities began to focus on supporting mum’s pregnancy and baby’s  growth. As a result, facilitating community workshops and providing health advice through text messaging programmes proved most helpful for parents. 

Free Public Health Programme

Our story in the future...

We now expect parents that complete our programmes to begin making changes in their lifestyle immediately and for the better. At first, one or two lifestyle changes were made after attending just one workshop. Soon after, as confidence grew, and more new information was learned parents found it easier to be healthy and keep healthy. 

Today, HBHF is developing into a parenting programme that is a pleasant surprise for those who join in the fun. We always give a friendly welcome and no matter where you are at with your parenting there is something you can learn and teach us. We are a passionate group committed to helping parents to make healthy choices with useful knowledge, skills and experience.