The nutrition for hapū māmā course makes choosing healthy kai the easy choice for pregnant mothers as they prepare for childbirth.  

Enroll on this course if you want expert advice on;

  • what to eat and drink in easy to understand language
  • how to manage pregnancy discomforts
  • how to prepare your body, mind, and spirit for childbirth.

The nutrition for pēpī course as designed by our registered dietitians to introduce your pēpi to healthy yummy kai.  

Through this course, you will learn how to;

  • make healthy choices for pēpī during their first 21 months
  • provide nutritious kai as they grow and develop


Our nutrition for tamariki course gives tips and advice from our registered dietitians to support parents as they navigate the many food choices they make everyday. 

Those that complete this course will learn how to;

  • address fussy eating
  • prepare healthy lunches and lunch boxes
  • develop their tamariki eating habits before they start school

The nutrition for whānau course is about helping parents to prepare healthy kai that is affordable and fast as an alternative to takeaways

Complete this course to learn how to;

  • put yummy healthy meals on the table in 40 mins or less
  • read food labels 
  • plan and prepare a week of kai

Evidence based

All of our course content are designed by registered dietitians and have been updated to follow the Ministry of Health guidelines. Information is peer reviewed, and advice is based on real life consultations.

Easy to learn

Enrol on a course and learn at local workshops with other parents, or join an online webinar. Learn at your own pace and at your own place!

What will it cost?

Our courses are free for those living in Auckland and Waitematā. We may need your information for reporting and evaluation to keep us funded. We also may help with childminding or transport for those at our workshops.


Besides enjoying yummy healthy food, learning useful skills and making new friends. Everyone who completes our courses graduates with a certificate.

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