Pregnancy programme

Are you pregnant?
Register with baby's due date and we'll make sure your textMATCH messages give you the right information at the right time.

Birth to 2 programme

Just had baby?
Enroll with baby's birth date and we send text messages for baby's growth and development over the first 21 months.

5 Languages

Sign up to textMATCH in one of these languages; Te Reo, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English.

Eat well & keep active

Are you struggling or needing ideas to eat well? How about motivating messages that help get you active? TextMATCH makes this easy with weekly messages and reminders!

Family support

Who else wants to help give baby a healthy future? We encourage you to share textMATCH with family members. The more people aware of how to support mum and baby, the better! ​ ​

Safe messages

Our local technical advisory group spent months scrutinizing every message. All textMATCH messages align with the Ministry of Health guidelines. We also asked cultural representatives to translate messages.

Get textMATCH for whānau to help mum and baby keep healthy

Are you wondering why family members sign up to textMATCH? Here we have local dad “Hemi” sharing his experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does TextMATCH mean?

TextMATCH is a text messaging service for MATernal (Mums) and CHild (babies)so we want to hear from parents today.

What if we live in Counties Manukau DHB region?

Depending on numbers you may be enrolled so at this stage, definitely apply!

How long does it take for me to receive my first text message?

We do our best to give you quick service so make sure your information is accurate when registering. Once we receive your registration the first text will be between 2 days and 1 week, except between 23rd December and 6th January.

Can other family members receive this service for free?

Mum and baby find it very supportive when more people receive textMATCH and take the advice so get textMATCH today.

How do I know these messages are factual?

Doctors, nutritionists, dietician liaisons and Midwives in our technical advisory group scrutinized these messages for accuracy.  Every message sent to you is based on the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Got more questions? Click here to get in touch with one of our lifestyle coaches!